Sunday, November 8, 2015

You can't win that Facebook fight


Earlier this year, I was on Facebook quietly minding my own business/reviewing my profile pics when I came across a particularly long comment thread. The thread caught my attention both because of its size, and because of its seemingly innocuous content: a queer craft fair. The day before, one of the craft fair organizers had posted for musicians, then deleted the post after refusing to disclose whether she’d be paying the performers.

Within seconds, a craft fair became a craft war.

The next morning, I woke up to a comment thread (approaching 400 comments!) accusing the OP of deleting her "way out of accountability.” The cruel, corporate miscreant — who babysits and makes stuffed animals for a living — was accused of embezzlement, supporting the patriarchy and — sickest of all — capitalism. This wasn't the anarcho-syndicalist craft fair we had all been dreaming of. She, I learned, was pro-tarot cards but anti-DIY porn. Proposals to start an alternative craft fair to the alternative craft fair were issued. Links to the communist manifesto were shared. This wasn’t a comments section: This was battle. Read more...

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